I have been going to Hear Again in Vernon since I was 8 years old. That's 20 years of great service. Dr. Gibbons was great with me when I was a child. I have great memories from my time with them. Dr. Shannon Gibbons allowed 8 year old me pick the color of the hearing aid molds that I wanted (hot pink with sparkles, of course). She also let me choose what language I wanted the hearing aids to tell me when the batteries were low (Mandarin Chinese, because I think I was 12 and that was the coolest language I could think of). Now I'm older and I wouldn't wish for better service from everyone who works at this office. I'm comfortable with everyone there, and I'm grateful for all of the help they have offered me over the years. I will always refer friends and family who need hearing aids to this office! Ask for an appointment with Stacey, she's wonderful!!
Jessie Donnelly, on Google
Hello – I wanted to express to those considering seeing a Hearing Specialist in Central Connecticut that the Hear Again Center in Vernon is terrific. I am writing this on behalf of my parents Angelo & Carol Gesmundo, and have been to this office with them and seen first-hand how wonderful the service they provide. The staff at Hear Again are excellent at evaluating your current hearing, fitting hearing aids so they are comfortable, and adjusting the volume so that the aids work at their maximum levels. In particular, my parents rave about Allison Blunt, pictured with them below. Allison has a wonderful sense of humor, is smart, thorough, polite, and makes their visits to Hear Again fun! The quality of life of my mom & dad vis a vis their hearing has improved tremendously since they’ve obtained hearing aids. For all of these reasons, my parents and I STRONGLY recommend Hear Again, and ask for Allison Blunt specifically! She is so outstanding at her job, and if you are nervous about seeing a hearing specialist you will be at ease immediately.
Johnny Premier, on Google
Excellent service from the time I walked into the office to the time I walked out. The professionalism was above and beyond what I ever expected. Danielle and Stacey made everything easy to comprehend. One of my medical appointments I won't mind going to....oh, and the hearing aids work great too!
Debra McCann, on Google
The folks at Hear Again In Vernon are amazing. They're knowledgeable, caring, and patient. They took the time to fully explain my options, help me understand my hearing loss, and decide on a solution that was right for me. I'm very happy with my choice for an audiologist. Alison has been fantastic and I always look forward to my visits.
David Trask, on Google
I am a long time hearing aid user. I started using hearing aids in 1999. The original hearing aids were the completely in the ear type. Se then I have worn four more sets of hearing aids. I was not planning to replace my current hearing aids but I was given the opportunity to try the newest hearing aids against my current hearing aids. I have extreme difficulty with speech discrimination and the new hearing aids help quite a bit. I am able now to follow conversations (in controlled environments) at the speed of speech. Previously I was always being tripped up by words and therefore I was usually behind in following a person speaking. This is an important concept since seriously impaired hearing results in exhaustion trying to follow another person speaking.
Charles Jackson, on Google

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